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Show Results 2015


All the results are not on my page yet from the Mhcgb, I will up date it as soon as I get them.

Mhcgb Championship show 30th 31st August 2015 .

The uk Amha Elite miniature horse show, Oakridge Quarter horse , Holme farm ,  Newark.  England.

Over all Best in show 2015;                                         Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.

Mhcgb National over all Supreme Grand Champion Beast in show Miniature horse of 2015 not exceeding 34″;

                                                                                           Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.

Grand champion refined type 2015;                          Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.

Res Grand Champion scaled down show horse;     Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.

Champion Refined type yearling filly;                       Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.

Champion Hack type female;                                      Summerrose Rose Of Tyrone.

Champion scaled down show horse;                          Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.

Grand Champion Uk/American miniature Junior Stallion 2015;

                                                                                           Summerrose Little Hawk.

Champion Junior Amha colt;                                      Summerrose Little Hawk.

Champion 2/3 year old Refined type;                        Summerrose Little Hawk.




Area 5 mhcgb   4th July 2015.

Overall Supreme of show;                 Summerrose Little Hawk.

Overall Res Supreme of show;         Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.

Solid colour Champion;                     Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.

Summerose Little Hawk;           1st in Amha Class.

Summerrose Little Hawk;         1st in showhack class.

Summerrose Little Hawk;         1st in refined 2/3 year old class.

Summerrose Rose of Tyrone;    1st in yearling refined class.

Summerrose Rose of Tyrone;   2nd in show hack class.

Summerrose Rose of Tyrone;    2nd in Amha class.

Summerrose Rose of Tyrone;     1st in solid colour class.


Equifast Mullager  4th July 2015.

Summerrose American Dream. Over all Supreme Champion of Equifast .

Summerose American Dream    1st in Amha class.

Summerrose American Dream  1st  in three year old and over mare or gelding..

Summerrose American Dream  1st in broken colour.

Summerrose Maiden Lady          1st in two year old and over mare/ Gelding.

Summerrose Maiden Lady          1st in best mover.

Summerrose Maiden Lady          2nd Amha youngstock..


Area 6 mhcgb

Summerrose little Hawk.            Over all Supreme Champion..

Summerrose Rose of Tyrone      Colour Champion…

Summerrose Rose of Tyrone      2nd in Yearling class.

Summerrose Rose of Tyrone      1st in solid colour class.

Summerrose Rose of Tyrone      2nd in Amha class.

Summerrose Little Hawk            1st in 2/3 year old refined.

Sommerrose Little Hawk            4th in Amha.



Saintfield show 21st June 2015.

Champion of youngsstock    Summerrose Spotz Dotz & Cottonsocks.

Yearling Class.                       1st Summerrose Spotz Dotz & Cottonsocks.

Broken Colour.                      1st Summerrose Spotz Dotz & Cottonsocks.

youg handlers.                       1st Summerrose Spotz Dotz & Cottonsocks


Lurgan Show 6/6/15    2015

Reserve Champion of show .    Summerrose Spotz Dotz & Cottonsocks..

Yearling Class.                           1st Summerrose Spotz Dotz & Cottonsocks

Two / Three year old class.     1st Summerrose Maiden Lady

Broken Colour.                           1st Summerrose Maiden Lady

Young Handlers                        1st Summerrose Maiden Lady.



MHCGB mini horse sales show

Yearling class.        1st Summerrose Rose of Tyrone

Show Hack class    1st Summerrose Rose of Tyrone

Refined class           1st Summerrose Rose of Tyrone

Res Champion      Summerrose Rose of Tyrone


Star seeker Class 2year old.     1st Summerrose Little Hawk.

Mhcgb class                                 1st Summerrose Little Hawk.

Champion                                          Summerrose Little Hawk.





Duncombe park show 18th 2015

Res Champion of show.   Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.

Show hack class.          1st Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.

Yearling Class.              1st Summerrose Rose of Tyrone.



MHCGB Spring Show 23th24th May 2015

Overall Supreme Cat A.    Summerrose little Hawk